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Tantra & Sex

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Tantra and Sex

Vama Marga and Kundalini Awakening

Yogis have tried to give a correct direction to the sexual urge. Yoga does not interfere with sexual life. Normal sexual life is neither spiritual nor aspiritual. But if you practise yoga and master certain techniques, then sexual life becomes spiritual. Of course, if you lead a celibate life, that is spiritual too.

  • Varna marga is the left path which combines sexual life with yoga Practices
  • By mastering certain techniques, however, this experience can become continuous even throughout daily life. Then the silent centers of the brain are awakened and they start to function all the time.

The energy principle

  • The contention of vama marga is that the awakening of kundalini is possible through he sexual interaction between man and woman.
  • When they come together at the nucleus or central point, an explosion occurs and matter becomes manifest.
  • union between the positive and negative poles that is responsible for creation, for enlightenment, and a glimpse of the higher experience.

This workshop  is for anyone looking to deepen their yoga or spiritual practice through the utilization of relationships and by manifesting your deepest desires of success and overall wellness. 

This event combines the ancient teachings of Tantra, mantra, yoga, holistic nutrition, communications and various types of dance movement to take you on a inner journey of discovery and transformation!

Learn the Art of Relaxation, Slowness and rhythm by practicing Stimulation and Relaxing and experiencing the Silence of each layer of existence.

$ 168

Online / Offline
3 Hrs. / Session (Theory & Practice / Demo)

Whats App: +65 92729897 or email for any query.

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