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Adriana Lima
Victoria's Secret Angel
Super Model and Actress, USA

“The universe sent an angle in my life to guide me into my love path, Prashant Patel (Ancient Yoga Academy) guiding me on how to deal with my fears…thank you for your love/time/guidance. Thank you.”

Elise Everarda
Author of Yoga, A Many Splendorous Path and Vipassana Meditation to Awaken Inside, Netherland

Prashant Patel is, by all who are so fortunate to have crossed his path, recognised as having sincere in-depth knowledge an experience in the many spiritual path of India and for presenting the powerful techniques in their most authentic forms; when teaching or sharing he shines forth as a beacon

~ Ridhi Sain
Private Yoga Therapy

“Yoga Therapy has help me both mentally and physically. My neck has improved a lot and I got a lot of relief.
I found Prashant’s approach to be excellent, committed and passionate. He is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions very professionally.

It’s been a very helpful and useful experience for me. I would like to do more yoga sessions at Vyasa in the future. Thank you for your flexibility and for accommodating me with timings and classes”

Kapil Garg
Private Yoga Therapy

“Yoga Therapy was a nice journey, I really felt energetic. Prashant is really good teacher. He is very friendly, explains very well. He gives right feedback.”