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Meditation Teacher Training

Power of Intention
Mantra & Meditation
Meditative Movements
Diet & Meditation
You will Manifest:

Health Transformations


Emotion Culture and Corrections

Personal Transformation

Community Awareness

Teachings and

Wealth manifestation


Meditation is regarded as the most advanced and quintessential form of yoga.

Students and will prime you for this intensive training by gradually withdrawing you from the sensory world, purifying your physical body and mind, initiating a higher spiritual resonance, and creating a fertile landscape for the higher teachings that will follow

All Modules includes theory, practicum training sessions during which all participants will learn basic – advance Ancient Yogic techniques, which includes Cleansing, Breathing, Movement, Energy Flow, Meditation, Mantra and Deep Silence.

The Meditative Movements are to develop the Art of Relaxation, Slowness and rhythm by practicing Stimulation and relaxing and experiencing the silence of each layer of existence; Its emphasis more on HOW rather than WHAT.

If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place


This is what makes the course  revolutionary and unique… the transmission of the spiritual force from student to disciple.

Foundation of Meditation

Fundamentals of Physical, Energetic and Emotional Anatomy

Energy Techniques from Tantra and Siddha

Meditation practices to integrate the energies of Sun, Moon, with your Kundalini energy

Body, Mind Preparation Practices

48 Advanced Joints & Loosening Practices (Awareness)

5 Elements & Medditation

Pancha Mahabhutas (5 Elements), Koshas & Senses

Application of Meditation
  • Yoga Therapy (IAYT)
  • Educational
  • Meditation and Stress
Meditative Movements

AYA’s Earth to Ether Methodology

Advanced Tantra, Siddha. Vedic Meditation

Practice Awareness via various ancient techniques

Meditation For Ailments

Using Sound Vibrations, Mantra & Visualisation


Foundation of Meditation, Yoga & Pranayama

  • Basis of Pranayama, Meditation
  • Theory of Meditative Yoga Practices
  • Fundamentals of Physical and Energetic Anatomy
  • Pranayama, Meditation & Relaxation Techniques
  • Concept of Five states – Pancha Mahabhuta (5 Building Blocks of Nature)
  • About Sound & Senses
  • Understanding Anatomy of MIND and Its Relation to Meditation
  • Advanced 10 Pranas
  • About 13 advanced Nadis, Chakra & Kundalini

Energy Techniques from Tantra and Siddha

  • Opening of the 3 health points
  • Mantras to set in motion the power of Inner Power energy
  • Activating the Energy shield around your body
  • Practices to integrate the energies of Sun, Moon, with your Kundalini energy
  • Activation of your personal protective energy shield
  • Relaxation Techniques Using Yantra & Mandala


  • Pancha Mahabhutas (5 Elements), Koshas & Senses
  • Branches / Types of Meditation
  • Basic Principles of Meditation
  • 5 Features of Recognition
  • Myth about Meditation
  • Practical Tips about Meditation Practice (Dos & Don’ts)
  • Challenges / Obstacle in Meditation & Pranayama
  • Yoga Vs. Meditation
  • Diet, Lifestyle & Meditation
  • Understand Vibrations & Visualisation
  • Expansion of Awareness

Application of Meditation

  • Yoga Therapy (IAYT)
  • Educational
  • Meditation and Stress
  • Meditative Lesson Plan (For Kids, Corporate, Elderly etc.)
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Mantra Healing Techniques (Using Cards, Bowls, Music )


Body, Mind  Preparation Practices

  • Breathing Exercise Using Mantra
  • 48 Advanced Joints & Loosening Practices (Awareness)
  • AYA Earth to Ether Methodology

Meditative Movements (Standing, Sitting, & Supine)

  • How to use breath in Practice
  • Concept of Stimulation & Relaxation
  • Understand Marma (Energy) Points

Advanced Pranayama (Breathing Control)

  1. Practice Awareness
  2. Sound Vibrations, Mantra & Visualisation
  • Simple Yantra / Mandala drawing practice
  • Mudra (Hand & Posture Gestures)
  • Advanced Bandha ( Body Locks)
  • Advanced Kriyas (Cleansing techniques)
  • Meditation Practice (Active & Passive)

Special Meditation Techniques To Cure Different Ailments

  • Breath Meditation
  • Chakra Healing Meditation
  • Standing Cyclic Meditation
  • Third Eye – Breath
  • AUM (Various techniques)
  • Dynamic
  • Beeja (Seed) Sound Meditation
  • Using Singing Bowel


Advanced Tantra, Siddha. Vedic Meditation

  • AUM / Mantra Meditation
  • Kundalini Awakening
  • Mind Sound Resonance Technique (MSRT)
  • Mantra / Japa Healing
  • Tantra Mantra Meditation
  • Vedic Mantra Meditation

    Course Includes:

  • Body Type Analysis & Profiling
  • Yoga, Kriya, Meditation, Mantra Practice Starter Kit
  • Course Material and Online Resource
  • AYA Website Membership
Knowledge & Skills
Online Multimedia Resources
Contents & Materials
After Course Support

$ 3500

Online / Offline
3 Hrs. / Session (3 days a week)

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