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About Us


Ancient Yoga Academy is a unique educational system with branches in Singapore and India that helps students gain a detailed understanding of the ancient life science and techniques of Yoga and how it is applicable to life, to one’s health and career, and to a modern-day lifestyle.

Ancient Yoga Academy teachings are based on over thirty years of in-depth study on Yoga, Ayurveda, Tattva and Siddha, some of the oldest knowledge systems known to mankind, that recognizes the human body and nature as part of one closed system.

AYA’s teacher training, courses, workshops and retreats have been performed over in countries like in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Japan, U.A.E., Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Canada and UK. AYA’s corporate clients include Apple, Microsoft, Daikin, Home team NS, Nanyang Poly and many more.

The foundation of AYA’s curriculum is built upon more than three decades of extensive research into the vast reservoir of Yogic scriptures, literature, and the principles of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. AYA takes great pride in its authorization to offer certified courses in both Yoga and Ayurveda.

What We Do

  • To Promote Ancient Secrets of Health & Lifestyle
  • Creating Healthy & Dynamic Community by realizing True self
  • Value based Ancient Education to Modern world
  • To Introduce simple, safe, doable Ancient Practices with latest Technology Platform
  • To provide In depth Essential Ancient Resources by Masters
  • Promote Social Awareness & Community programs towards global harmony and progress
  • To Build sustainable careers opportunity for Yogipreneurship in the Yoga industry that contribute to societies and economies via AYA Global network
  • To Train, Assist and Support owners of Yoga, Wellness studio by integrating AYA Program

OUR PHILOSOPHY (Gross to Subtle)

Our Meditative Yoga practice encompasses a transformative journey that transcends mere physical exercises, leading us to a more profound and subtle realm. It emphasizes the importance of "how" you practice rather than simply "what" you practice.

Our Mission

To educate, realize, and experience the teachings of ancient Yoga and Ayurveda, and customize Yoga therapy programs to treat non-communicable diseases and common ailments specific to modern day lifestyles.”

Teacher Training
Private Yoga Therapy
Mantra Healing & Vedic Chanting
Yoga Philosophy

AYA is associated with S-VYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Centre), a renowned Yoga University in India, managing, promoting S-VYASA’s international curriculum and affiliate centres..

Our unique curriculum caters to all levels of students, novice to advanced, and in fact will help you to develop an authentic spiritual practice of your own if this is not an established part of your life already.

Our Masters’ extensive knowledge of Ayurveda combined with their understanding of Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy enables them to treat various psychosomatic ailments.

We organize and conduct Community, School Programs and Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM) to educate and develop awareness of ancient yoga and ayurvedic principles to help in modern lifestyle, mental and physical health issues.

We promote social awareness and community programs towards global harmony and progress

  1. School Programs
  2. Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM)
  3. International Conferences

Our Affiliation

The certificate program, which is rewarding and enriching, will be conducted by Ancient Yoga Academy, India and Singapore, in association with Yoga Alliance U.S.A. and S-VYASA.

Interested? Setting up your own yoga business
Our Teaching
Reviews & Expressions
Adriana Lima
Victoria's Secret Angel
Super Model and Actress, USA

“The universe sent an angle in my life to guide me into my love path, Prashant Patel (Ancient Yoga Academy) guiding me on how to deal with my fears…thank you for your love/time/guidance. Thank you.”

Elise Everarda
Author of Yoga, A Many Splendorous Path and Vipassana Meditation to Awaken Inside, Netherland

Prashant Patel is, by all who are so fortunate to have crossed his path, recognised as having sincere in-depth knowledge an experience in the many spiritual path of India and for presenting the powerful techniques in their most authentic forms; when teaching or sharing he shines forth as a beacon

~ Ridhi Sain
Private Yoga Therapy

“Yoga Therapy has help me both mentally and physically. My neck has improved a lot and I got a lot of relief.
I found Prashant’s approach to be excellent, committed and passionate. He is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions very professionally.

It’s been a very helpful and useful experience for me. I would like to do more yoga sessions at Vyasa in the future. Thank you for your flexibility and for accommodating me with timings and classes”


“It’s been really good course for me. The journey was so amazing! It’s good to know the Concept of Yoga and Yoga Philosophy. It has helped to strengthen my faith in my own beliefs. Guru Manoj and Prashant were great!“


Tomoko Nakamura
Yoga Therapist

I think it is extremely good course. I only had very vague image about Ayurveda, but after taking the course, I now have general understanding and I feel I would like to try out many things. I am truly happy that I attended this course.
Prashant ji had taught us using various examples and some only he who has experienced so many could talk about. It was very valuable 4 days!

Kapil Garg
Private Yoga Therapy

“Yoga Therapy was a nice journey, I really felt energetic. Prashant is really good teacher. He is very friendly, explains very well. He gives right feedback.”