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Essence of Upanisads

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Essence of Upanisads

Self-realization or direct intuitive perception (Self-enquiry) of the Supreme Self is necessary for attaining Moksha (freedom) and perfection. This Jnana Yoga or the path of Wisdom

What you will learn:
• Structure of ancient Indian Yogic Scripture
• Upanishads are the essence of Vedas
• Know The Supreme Goal of Life
• The science of the Self
• Develop Self-limiting thoughts and perceptions
• The four principal Mahavakyas ( great sayings)
• Learn how to Practicing Jnana Yoga (yoga of knowledge / self-inquiry)
• How to develop awareness of absolute consciousness
• Union of the inner Self (Atman) with the oneness of all life (Brahman)
• Prerequisites of Jnana Yoga (The Four Pillars of Knowledge)
• How to practice Jnana Yoga


$ 168

Online / Offline
3 Hrs. / Session (Theory & Practice / Demo)

Whats App: +65 92729897 or email for any query.

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