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The Art of Yoga Therapy

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The Art of Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

In group yoga classes the instructor will guide you through different poses; stretching to warm up, breathing to stimulate the body, postures to increase muscular strength and flexibility, meditation to deepen relaxation and to re energize. It is a holistic approach to strengthen all body functions.

Yoga therapy, on the other hand, applies the entire science of yoga on an individual basis to improve medical conditions or support the healing process of the body.

Yoga therapy has no side effects therefore it can be done at any stage of life making it suitable for children, adults (in their working life) and senior citizens. It provides the knowledge required to live a balanced lifestyle.


Preparation for the session

Start with initial assessment based on medical history provided by client at physical level and also energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health

After initial assessment, therapist will design a custom treatment plan based on identified need and requirements of individuals.

About Therapist
The choice of therapist is a very personal one as it’s important the chemistry fits. The therapist and participant need to establish a trusting relationship where pains and fears can be discussed openly and without judgement.


Therapy session may include breathing exercise, postures, relaxation techniques, Mantra, and diet. In order to perform certain postures, person must were a comfortable pants and tops.

Prashant welcomes all kind of patients with different health challenges. Recently he treated not only back pain, but also anxieties, depression and other medical conditions.

As a traditional Yogi, his focus is on re-establishing balance in the patient’s body, through strengthening and stretching the muscular structure. He combines relaxation and meditation, supported by sound therapy. His voice is exceptional; I could feel the sound in my body with a nice relaxing effect.

What makes Prashant special?

For yoga therapy, a good understanding of psychology and body language is necessary. Only 30% of the problems are articulated. The rest is found out by observation, smelling and feeling. According to Prashant, it is the participant’s body language that shows him all the unspoken and unaware pain points. After the first session, which is mainly to get to know the participant, he can start with the therapy and yogi counselling as well. It comprises making the participant aware of their complete set of issues and find ways on how to address them. His style is very cautious, diplomatic and non-intrusive. It’s done in a very quiet and observational manner. By using a heeling pen to correct postures and to show the participant the areas of the body, he does not even need to touch the participant.

Some observations from Prashant

about him becoming a yogi as well as seeing changes in his participants are worthwhile sharing The more you practice yoga authentically, the more you lose the attachment to world’s physical things. You see the bigger picture and get detached from the material world. Another side effect is appetite that will decrease, because the body is more in balance and the participant learns how to recognize the signals of the own body.

Not everyone can become a good therapist. It requires being able to handle disease, to listen carefully and to take back your own ego. It is about offering choices to the participant and not imposing the own ideas.

Prashant’s favorite comparison of yoga therapy is with cooking: from reading a recipe, you will not still your hunger, you actually need to cook. And buying any ingredients does not serve the purpose of creating a delicious meal. The ingredients need to be fresh and good as well. Lastly you need to try the recipe more than once to get a perfect dish.

The same with yoga therapy. Reading a yoga therapy book is not good enough. The training needs to come from a good school. But training is not sufficient to do therapy. It is frequent application of the knowledge and the heart put into the process to create an excellent outcome.

If you are interested in experiencing excellent results for a yoga therapy yourself, give Prashant a try!