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Elisa Everarda

Committee Member


Elise Everarda

Elise Everarda, Committee Member, Yoga Faculty
(Netherlands-born) Elise Everarda was introduced to Hatha and Raja Yoga when she came to live in Singapore in 1972 where and when Yoga was taught in the temple compounds. Hence, from the beginning she was aware that Yoga was a spiritual path, no more, no less.

Yet it was not before she lived in Thailand where she joined yoga classes instructed by a Tibetan Yogi and Buddhism was explained to her in numerous get-togethers by the Burmese Dr. Thynn Thynn, that curiosity modified itself into serious study.
Mesmerized by spiritual conceptions of Yoga and Tantra – both systems believing in pre-existence, rebirth and the continuous process of soul development – Elise dedicated much of her time understanding and practicing these paths. She is a certified teacher of Yoga schools such as Kripalu, Omega and Nosara and a graduate of intensive trainings of Bihar and Siddha Yoga, SAC Kundalini Yoga, Oceanic Tantra Yoga and Agama Yoga.

She engaged in a great many Buddhist Mindfulness, Tantric and Shamanic retreats and fulfilled her deepest wish; the spiritual-highest pilgrimage to Mount Kailash.

In her sharing, Elise is talented in conveying non-intrusively Yogic and Tantric concepts in simple wording yet maintaining spiritual integrity.

Her book Yoga, A Many Splendorous Path (approaching Yoga with the depth that becomes Yoga, so Swami Vivekananda Saraswati/Agama Yoga commented) got sincere accolades from many masters and gurus. A MUST READ for beginners and medium-advanced students.

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