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Beena Bhavsar

Beena Bhavsar held many workshops in different rural and urban areas and put a successive approach to teach yoga and bring “Ancient Yoga Academy” into existence. She has a great ability to enhance the rich culture of ancient yoga and ayurveda.

She had also taken part in a government initiation called the “Pension Yojana” with support of Shri Mahila Seva Bank, Ahemdabad, and was successful in achieving her highest level effort and creating bank accounts and pan cards for many rural people. She also received an appreciation from the Mahila Seva Bank for her contribution in this yojana.


Beena Bhavsar is also one of the trustees of an NGO called the “Jatan Charitable Trust” developed by her sister Nutan Shethia. This trust works for the social, physical and educational welfare of the rural people. Last year she also found an NGO called

“Rise up India Life Transformation Foundation” for the development of youth skills and talents for the future. She has also been successful in holding three ‘Rise up’ programs in different cities of Gujarat like Surat and Baroda.