Immersion Series

An immersion in the meditation heritage of tradition: with Prashant Patel (Ancient Yoga Academy)

If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place Ancient Yoga Academy courses are based on the ancient Yoga, Ayurveda, Tattva, Siddha Science, one of the oldest known systems to mankind, that recognizes the human body and nature as part of one closed system. An integral part of this science is the knowledge of Marma points - locations in the body where vital life force is in high concentration - which function as vital force (Prana, Qi, Chi) generators. The action that causes loss / blockage or opening / free flow of this vital body’s energy points

Our programs are designed solely for the purpose of betterment of your: - Health - Relationships - Emotion Corrections - Personal Transformation - Community Awareness - Teachings and - Wealth manifestation Ancient Yoga Academy is dedicated to helping you unleash the true power within you!

About Immersion

“If the mind is dull, wake it up”, “If the mind is over-active, allow it to get calm”, “And when it is balanced, allow it to remain that way”

Since theory is known by mastery in practice, in this intensive immersion you will experience a personal transformation within yourself by accessing higher states of consciousness and learning how to create a special field of energy in a group setting that fosters deep transformation in others and a stepping stone for evolution.

What are the practices involving?

This immersion will impact on your own life, with the potential to transform you both personally and professionally. Upon completion you will be backed by the empowerment of a Prashant Patel (Ancient Yoga Academy).

This is what makes the course revolutionary and unique… the transmission of the spiritual force from teacher to disciple.

Unleash your mental ripple….

Participation in the immersion students and will prime you for this intensive training by gradually withdrawing you from the sensory world, purifying your physical body and mind, initiating a higher spiritual resonance, and creating a fertile landscape for the higher teachings that will follow

All Modules includes theory, practicum training sessions during which all participants will learn basic - advance Ancient Yogic techniques, which includes Cleansing, Breathing, Movement, Energy Flow, Meditation, Mantra and Deep Silence.

What will you LEARN?

Module 1

Phase 1- Purify

• Physical, Vital and Emotional preparation for immersion • Purification of the MIND • Learned tools to create a state of absolute centeredness and inner focus at will • Methods for controlled expansion of the mind and perception of the higher, true self – Atman • Awareness and control of mental fluctuations and emotions • Enlightenment explained

Module 2

Phase 2- Discover

• The study and practice of various techniques from Ancient Yoga Academy • Evaluation of Raja Yoga techniques including mind deconstruction, concentration, expansion, and Swadhyaya (yogic identification) • Meditations for opening and augmenting the Prana, Sun & Moon Elements • Understanding the principles of prana • Mental prana explained o Everyday tips for increasing the absorption and retention of 'Prana' o The breathing techniques to increase the amount of Prana, o The anaerobic exercises to activate certain Chakras and manipulate your own Prana energy o Special exercises to activate specific energy centres and manipulate your own Prana energy

Module 3

Phase 3 - Realize

• Raja Yoga: What is the mind, how can a person work with his or her own mind, contraction and expansion of the mind, levels of consciousness, levels of enlightenment • Mastering mind control • The importance of realize connection when practicing • Generating an energetic force field in practice • Challenges you will face in practice and how to overcome them

Module 4

Phase 4 - Connect

o Opening of the 2 health points
o Mantras to set in motion the power of Inner Power energy
o Activating the Energy shield around your body
o Practices to integrate the energies of Sun, Moon, with your Pranic energy
o Activation of your personal protective energy shield
o Initiation, Preparation and Practice


Ancient Yoga Academy in association with S-VYASA is the world’s premier Yoga Research University, India, globally recognized for its contribution in Yoga research over the last 40 years.
AYA offers flexibility that allows students to choose certification from Yoga Alliance.

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“If the mind is dull, wake it up”, “If the mind is over-active, allow it to get calm”, “And when it is balanced, allow it to remain that way”