Immersion Series
Immersion Series
With in-depth knowledge of these ancient yoga methods, Prashant guides his students to heightened states of awareness of the body-mind-spirit levels of consciousness.

The immersion Series will impact on your own life, with the potential to transform you both personally and professionally. Upon completion you will be backed by the empowerment of a Prashant Patel (Ancient Yoga Academy).

This is what makes the series revolutionary and unique… the transmission of the spiritual force from student to disciple.

Participation in the immersion students and will prime you for this intensive training by gradually withdrawing you from the sensory world, purifying your physical body and mind, initiating a higher spiritual resonance, and creating a fertile landscape for the higher teachings that will follow.

All Modules includes theory, practicum training sessions during which all participants will learn basic - advance Ancient Yogic techniques, which includes Cleansing, Breathing, Movement, Energy Flow, Meditation, Mantra and Deep Silence.